DaDaPush Documentation

we put all api or sdk to

Integration Example

curl -X POST \ \
      -H 'content-type: application/json' \
      -H 'x-channel-token: your channel token' \
      -d '{
      "title":"Good News!",
      "content":"Good News! DaDaPush releasing new version",

DaDaPush Clients and Integrations:

Java (test passed)Sonarqube (test passed)RSS and Atom feeds (test passed)
Python (test passed)Atlassian Bamboo (test passed)-
Javascript (test passed)JetBrains TeamCity (test passed)-
Perl (test passed)Log4j2 Appender (test passed)-
Groovy (test passed)Logback Appender (test passed)-
Go (test passed)Gradle (test passed)-
PHP (test passed)Apache Maven (test passed)-
Ruby (test passed)Nagios (test passed)-
Kotlin (test passed)Jenkins (test passed)-
C Sharp (test passed)Rundeck (test passed)-
R (test passed)Bash (test passed)-
Dart (test passed)--
Ada (test passed)--
Clojure (test waiting)--
Elixir (test waiting)--
Flash (test waiting)--
Eiffel (test waiting)--
C (test waiting)--
Swift (test waiting)--
Elm (test waiting)--
Haskell (test waiting)--
Rust (test waiting)--
Lua (test waiting)--
Objective-C (test waiting)--